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Check In - Check Out

Mobile Application

About the Product

The AEP Check In/Check Out mobile application is an excellent example of why skipping UX design will cost your project more money than it saves. Screens still need to be designed, which means that time comes out of the developer's hours. A good UX designer can help the team avoid a lot of costly problems.

After this application was nearly complete, the UX team was asked to review the screens and the interactions for usability issues. We found that a lot of the interactions were not consistent with a good mobile device experience. Many of the same types of features were built and styled entirely different from one another. Some screens and interactions were unnecessarily complicated, increasing development time. Symbols were misused, and color choices were often inappropriate and confusing.


UX Design, Prototyping, Visual Design, User Research Support

UX provided screen patterns to reuse. We also provided a style guide, consolidating the style instances down to a few essential elements.  The developers were able to reduce the number of screens, components, and styles used.

We estimated UX could have saved the development team about 15% of their development time in re-work alone.  Add back the time the development team spent designing and the time spent developing unneeded screens. UX more than pays for itself. Removing UX does not save projects money; it costs them money.

Style Guide

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