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Interactive Insights Dashboard

Electron Application

About the Product

Interactive Insights Dashboard is a tool for patent attorneys and Intellectual property search professionals. The dashboard allows users to review a search report by filtering and categorizing patents. 


UX Design, Prototyping, Visual Design, User Research Support


The objective of this project was to provide a tool for patent attorneys that would address their current pain-points related to reviewing large intellectual property search reports.


Generative research provided product strategy and feature scope. These were key features:

Display Chemical Structures
The users need to see the exiting chemical structure to compare with those found in search results.

Allow for the user to categorize each result with a color. This supports their current workflow.

The users need to read every single answer.

UX Process

Using the insights gained from user research, I created a clickable prototype to convey the product vision with the business owners and development team. Once product direction and technical feasibility where determined, I coordinated usability testing to finalize the design and interactions.


To address the users' needs the design provided a view of the chemical structure so the user could compare it to the structures from the patents in the report. We gave the users the ability to add colored labels to each result along with a filter to create reports of those patents. We also provided a three-paneled view of the search results with a detail view so the user could easily move between answers without losing context or their place in the overall answer set.

I created annotated wireframes to convey design requirements and worked closely with developers to provide oversight.

This product provided increased customer satisfaction and an additional revenue stream. 

Visual Requirements

Report Tagging - Annotated Sketch.png
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